Dec 20th

Alison and Brian’s Evergreen Museum Wedding

Gorgeous couple. Gorgeous venue. Gorgeous day. Alison and Brian met their Freshman year at Gettysburg College as next door neighbors. Little did they know they had caught each other’s eye from the start.  It wasn’t until three years of friendship later that their friendship blossomed into a romance with the help of a mutual friend (who would later be a bridesmaid at their wedding). Once they began dating, they each knew they had found someone special, and they haven’t stopped smiling since!

Alison and Brian were married at the Evergreen Museum. Flowers by Radebaugh, Cake by Sugar Bakers, Delicious food by Zeffert and Gold, Hair and Makeup by All About Me Salon.

Sarah Sachs
Posted by Sarah Sachs

Sarah’s approach is very much informed by her appreciation of contemporary as well as classical fine art portrait photography. She is an Associate Professor of Photography and finds her commercial photograph work to be a vital, inspirational creative outlet.

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