Jan 10th

Liz and Nick’s Gramercy Mansion Wedding

We always love working at the Gramercy Mansion, just up the street, in Stevenson, Maryland. The mansion, which was built in 1902, has so many gorgeous spots to shoot. It’s an awesome location to host a wedding at any time of year. Alexander J. Cassatt, who built the mansion, was president of the Pennsylvania Railroad and also brother of the American Impressionist painter Mary Cassatt! Who knew? Gramercy Mansion was given as a wedding gift to Cassatt’s daughter, Eliza. In the 1950’s the mansion was home to the Koinonia Foundation, a predecessor of the Peace Corps. It was bought by the current owners, Dr. and Mrs. Pomykala, in 1985. They have kept up the house and the gardens beautifully over the years.

Photographs of Liz and Nick by Howard Korn of Sachs Photography.

Sarah Sachs
Posted by Sarah Sachs

Sarah’s approach is very much informed by her appreciation of contemporary as well as classical fine art portrait photography. She is an Associate Professor of Photography and finds her commercial photograph work to be a vital, inspirational creative outlet.

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