Nov 4th

USS Constellation Historic Ship Wedding

Nikki and Ron were married aboard the USS Constellation in the Baltimore Harbor. The historic Navy Ship, which was built in 1854, was the perfect location for Nikki and Ron to host their intimate wedding. Only immediate family attended and as Nikki and Ron kissed for the first time as husband and wife the cannon alerted the entire city of Baltimore (possibly all of Maryland) that they were wed. The ceremony was followed by a tour of the ship and then dinner in the captains quarters. Congrats Nikki and Ron!

Photographs by Sarah Sachs of Sachs Photography.

Sarah Sachs
Posted by Sarah Sachs

Sarah’s approach is very much informed by her appreciation of contemporary as well as classical fine art portrait photography. She is an Associate Professor of Photography and finds her commercial photograph work to be a vital, inspirational creative outlet.

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